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BridgeInspect Collector™

BridgeInspect Collector™ BridgeInspect™ Collector is a software solution which streamlines the inspection process and generates complete, formatted reports with a click of a button. The Collector software can be utilized in the field or back at the office, and has been repeatedly proven to save time, money and reduce errors. In the field the software runs on laptops/tablets, while a powerful internet version allows access from any location. The software allows for enhanced reporting, editing, submitting and QA/QC.

Here are some of the powerful features this software offers:

  • Digital Pictures: Inspectors can now attach digital inspection photos directly to a report or link a photo to a specific field to more accurately depict the situation. Pictures have become one of the most important aspects of inspections reports and BridgeInspect Collector’s picture capabilities are providing further insight into the condition of an asset. Attaching and organizing pictures within an inspection report used to be a major time consumer, but now it takes just seconds.

  • Interactive Field Choices: The Collector software includes drop down boxes which give the inspector choices available for specific fields. Only valid selections are shown and explanations from the integrated bridge inspection manual are given.

  • Scanned Documents: With BridgeInspect Collector you can scan any document and include it as an attachment in the report. These scanned items include drawings, sketches, maps and other important documents. Also, you can scan old inspection reports and put them into a database for reference.

  • Pre-populated Reports: BridgeInspect Collect can auto-populate an inspection report with data from past reports. This eliminates the need to re-enter constant data from year to year and also significantly reduces the time it takes to complete a report. Plus, when a field is changed it will be highlighted, this can be used to track changes from the last time the bridge was inspected.
BridgeInspect Manager

BridgeInspect™ Manager is a powerful management tool which consolidates all of your bridge information into a single location. This effective solution significantly aids in the inspection and approval process, while making available all information with a click of a button. BridgeInspect Manager includes a geographical information system, maintenance/work order module, scheduling module, cost estimates, full searching, executive dashboard and custom summary report generation. All of these features provide managers with the proper tools to manage their assets to the highest degree.

Here are some other features of the Manager software:

  • Administrative Tasks: Management and coordination of bridge inspections, maintenance requirements, and the bridge inspectors themselves, all lead to more effective and efficient management. With BridgeInspectTM Manager, coordinating these efforts is easier; you are able to create/delete users, set permissions by inspectors or by asset, assign roles, and run customized reports.

  • Storage of all Bridge Pictures, Reports, Sketches, as Built Drawings, and other electronic files in a single location.

  • Searching Capabilities: There are several ways to search through the system to find a bridge. One, you can use the “Quick Search” which allows you to type a portion of an asset’s name and a list will return with assets containing matching the name. Another is a tree search which allows a user to drill down until they locate the proper bridge.

  • Interactive Maps: Incorporated into the software is an interactive map which displays the position of each asset within your organization. This GIS system provides many useful benefits and is becoming one of the most beneficial features in asset management. The interactive map allows for pinpoint accuracy for locating any asset as well as allows the user to zoom into the map and view the asset from a street view.

  • Executive Dashboard: This feature provides users with summary information in graphical format (bar graphs, pie charts, ECT). The Dashboard makes analyzing data much easier than the previous method of manually sorting through and reviewing countless amounts of data and numbers. With the Dashboard, get percentages, averages and other critical information fast and mistake free.

  • Report Generation: One of the most beneficial features of Manager is being able to customize and run summary reports. For example, a user needed to know how many of their bridges contained a deck rating of a 4 or lower. The user could design, run and use the report for management purposes.

Be sure to view BridgeInspect, which provides more information and specifications about the BridgeInspect suite. Full Demos and information is available upon request.